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I am beyond pleased to annopunce that one of the site's I've been working on for the past year is love live!

Interfictions Online has risen from the ashes as a new journal of interstitial arts, from the Interstitial Arts Foundation. It has fiction, poetry, and non-fiction, and yours truly designed the website and spent two harrowing weeks beating the WordPress template into submission. So go check it out!

In other news, I am still hard at work on loads of projects in 2013, and will try and be much better about showcasing my book covers, website extras, and print designs here in the future.
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Tomorrow morning I head North, to cross the Cheddar Curtain, to attend my very first WisCon!
Here is my panel schedule:
Schedule Location
Chicks Dig Comics (scheduled) Fri, 9:00–10:15 pm Assembly
Moderator: Sigrid Ellis.
Come celebrate the delightful truth: women create, produce, read, and really, really dig comics! Join the editors and writers of Chicks Dig Comics, a just-released collection of essays, as they share their love for this medium and the stories it can tell.
SF on TV (scheduled) Fri, 10:30–11:45 pm Conference 4
Moderator: Richard S. Russell.
Hello to Terra Nova, Falling Skies, and the fairy-tale shows Once Upon A Time and Grimm. So long to V, Chuck, Stargate, Smallville, and Haven. Alphas is a terrific cross between Heroes and Fringe. British imports include Being Human and Merlin as well as the good ol’ Doc. Fringe, Warehouse 13, The Walking Dead, and especially Game of Thrones gave fans plenty to drool over. And more! Handouts included. Since it's impossible for anyone to keep up with all the shows, audience participation is mandatory.
Women in Comics (scheduled) Sat, 8:30–9:45 am Assembly
Moderator: Jessica Plummer.
What did the past year bring us for women in comics? What fates befell female characters; what women are doing good work in the field? Discussion of Marvel's Fear Itself event and DC's New 52 reboot are welcome, as well as conversation about non-superhero and indy works.
Spoiler Rules (scheduled) Sun, 10:00–11:15 am Conference 4
Moderator: Jeanne Gomoll.
Guest of Honor Debbie Notkin wrote a fascinating essay, "On Spoiling the Plot." http://www.strangehorizons.com/2005/20050815/notkin-c.shtml
What are your preferences for plot spoilers? Do you hate it when people give away a major plot twist? Are you equally frustrated when someone gives away even minor elements of a plot in your presence? Is there a time limit for revealing spoilers? And why do the same people who hate to have book plots spoiled for themselves eagerly view very spoiling movie previews?
What I Like About You: Negotiating Layers of Fannishness (scheduled) Sun, 10:00–11:15 pm Senate B
Moderator: Cat Meier.
What does it mean to be a fan of a source? Fannish love takes many different forms: consumption, discussion, squee, analysis, transformative works, critique, and deconstruction are just some of the many ways we engage with fandom. How do we balance the many, sometimes competing modes of fannish engagement within ourselves and our communities?
Can We Talk? (scheduled) Mon, 8:30–9:45 am Conference 4
Moderator: Georgie L. Schnobrich.
Let's talk about conversational styles and unshared contexts between (among) generations. Why do both the young and old so often hear only their imagined, inferred sub-texts? How can we find a way to really listen and hear each other? What are the difficulties, and how might we solve them? From our Greatest Generation to Generation Text, can we afford not to? Bring ideas!

I'm VERY excited, as I've been hearing about the wonders of WisCon for many years, but have never been. If you will be at the show this week-end, be sure to say hello!

Chicks Dig Time Lords (cover by Katy Shu


FIVE exciting things to announce today!

seanan_mcguire has posted new Incryptid stories featuring Frances Brown & Jonathan Healy, and I designed the covers. Please check them out!

I've entered four tee-shirt designs in WeLoveFine's JEM design contest. The winner gets to have her or his design produced as a tee-shirt (and officially licensed by Hasbro!) in addition to a cash prize. You have to register on the site to rate the designs, and the more folks who rate them, the higher the potential cash prize. So if you have a minute, and want to indulge my passion for frighteningly PINK glamour & glitter, fashion & fame, check it out!

My Designs:
Truly Outrageous
Showtime, Synergy!

Secondly, Welcome to Bordertown comes out in trade today!!! BordertownSeries.com has been redesigned (by yours truly), and editors ellen_kushner and blackholly are running a contest!

Bring a Friend to Bordertown

Thirdly, Chicks Dig Comics hits stores today, featuring an essay by me, and essays and interviews from a SLEW of amazing contributors. It's edited by Sigrid Ellis and Lynne Thomas and the official book launch will be at C2E2 this Sunday!

And lastly, Seanan McGuire's album Wicked Girls has been nominated for a Hugo Award in the "Best Related Work" category. I designed the cover, and could not be more thrilled that it has made it to the Hugos Ballot.

bordertown lives

touch magic, pass it on.

In addition to putting up items for auction at magick4terri including a kitbashed fashion doll of your choice and copies of Chicks Dig Time Lords, I've also opened a cafepress shop with tee-shirts, mugs, magnets, and prints of some of the art I've created for the Bordertown website. Every item someone buys, I will donate the $5 profit to Magick 4 Terri.
Chicks Dig Time Lords (cover by Katy Shu

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It's a Hugo. I have a Hugo now. Hugos are cool.

There will be a proper account of Worldcon when I am home and rested and fed and possible SEDATED. But thank you to everyone who supported our little book with the funny title (and awesome cover). It means the world to us, and we wouldn't have made it to Reno without you all.
bordertown lives

Welcome (back) to Bordertown

Two blog posts in as many weeks! It’s like the world has gone mad!

Right, so in the interests of keeping you updated with things what I have been up to, I’m honoured and excited to share with you images I’ve created, inspired by Terri Windling’s Bordertown shared-world series, wallpapers and icons of which are now available on BordertownSeries.com.

Featuring stories by Charles de Lint, Ellen Kushner, Stephen R Boyett and Terri Windling (writing as Bellamy Bach), Borderland introduced me not only to a world where Faerie had returned and both human and fey runaways flocked to a crumbling human city where technology and magic were equally wonderful, unpredictable and dangerous (much like the B-town residents themselves), but to the nascent genre of urban fantasy which I had only sampled up to that point.

(In point of fact, you can blame Windling for that as well, as it was her Fairy Tales Series in the late 1980s which introduced me to Patricia C Wrede, Pamela Dean, Steven Brust, Ellen Kushner, Midori Snyder, and Kara Dalkey. Not to mention made me firmly believe that any book with a cover by Thomas Canty was worth picking up; a rule which has proved fairly reliable over the years, may I add.)

I had done a complete Bordertown series re-read in 2004, but since then the books sat on a shelf, drawing comments, and occasionally being loaned out (don’t worry; I have loaner copies of nearly all of them) to visitors. They were constantly referenced, praised, geeked about and like most urban fantasy fans of a certain age, I imagined the stories I would have liked to have told, set in the Borderlands. As Emma Bull and Will Shetterly’s B-town novels Finder, Elsewhere, and Nevernever were reprinted for the YA market, I continued touching wood and crossing digits that the original anthologies would be reprinted as well; or at the very least that a “Best Of” collection might emerge. But new stories? I never even dared to dream.

Then my dreams came true in February 2009, when editors Ellen Kushner and Holly Black announced they would be returning to Borderlands in a new anthology, Welcome to Bordertown, 13 years after the last anthology was published. Needless to say, I was beyond overjoyed. Because the Borderlands anthologies shaped my tastes as a reader, and influenced my life in so many ways since I first picked up the TOR edition of Borderlands in paperback from a university bookstore in 1992.

Of course, my first thought was to wonder how B-town would look in the 21st century, a quarter century after the first stories were published? Sure, magic and rock & roll are eternal, but even with retro 80s nostalgia at its height and a whole new generation becomes convinced leggings really are pants, guyliner is completely acceptable if not expected at this point, and your hair can never be too big, I worried that the stories and world would seem dated; quaint even, to the current generation raised on computer animation, iPods, and smart phones.

I needn’t have worried. Because the new anthology remains as relevant, real, heart-breaking, exciting and marvellous as the first one—with the added bonus that in Welcome to Bordertown we get to see how B-town reacts to the 21st century.

Ever wonder how the internet came to the Borderlands? Or how B-town holds their own version of Carnival? Ever miss Screaming Lord Neville’s dramatic costume changes, or browsing the shelves at Elsewhere Books? Want to meet new Bordertown born-and-breds, humans with the dust of the world still behind their ears, or impossibly beautiful Truebloods with their own spinning racks of issues? Welcome to Bordertown has the hottest new bands in the clubs we know like the backs of our hands, the wildest old magic, and stories and poems and songs that make us laugh and cry no matter where we come from, or in what year we were born. Because no matter how much time passes between visits to B-town, people are still people (even when they’re werewolves, elves, and dragons), and we still dream the same dreams. They may not keep us fed or warm, our dreams—but they keep us breathing all the same, and sometimes the only difference between living and merely existing are the dreams we have and the dreams we share.

The new Bordertown hardcover hits shelves this month, with stories and poems by returning B-town residents Charles de Lint, Ellen Kushner, Terri Windling, Steven Brust, Emma Bull, and Will Shetterly, as well as newcomers to its streets Neil Gaiman, Jane Yolen, Nalo Hopkinson, Holly Black, Cat Valente, Amal El-Mohtar, and many others. And between its covers you’ll find all manner of dreams, in all shapes and sizes. Maybe this will be your first B-town anthology. Maybe it will open your eyes to a world you never knew existed. Maybe it will teach you something you never knew about life. Maybe it will show you things you never suspected about yourself. There’s only one way to find out…

What are you waiting for?

Bordertown lives.

Find your way.

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Chicks Dig Time Lords (cover by Katy Shu

Chicks Dig Time Lords nominated for a Hugo. Watch Tara's head explode.

I am deeply honoured to announce that Lynne M Thomas and my essay collection Chicks Dig Time Lords has been nominated for a 2011 Hugo Award for "Best Related Work".

Congratulations to the entire Chicks team, including associate editor Michael Thomas, the book's designer Christa Dickson, cover artist Katy Shuttleworth, and all of our contributors and interviewees:

Elizabeth Bear
Carole E. Barrowman
Jackie Jenkins
Deborah Stanish
Helen Kang
Lloyd Rose
India Fisher
Johanna Mead
Francesca Coppa
Sophie Aldred
Jennifer Adams Kelley
Tammy Garrison & Katy Shuttleworth
Lisa Bowerman
Jody Lynn Nye
Amy Fritsch
Seanan McGuire
Kathryn Sullivan
LM Myles
Kate Orman
Shoshana Magnet & Robert Smith?
Mary Robinette Kowal
K. Tempest Bradford
Christa Dickson
Catherynne M. Valente

as well as our publisher, Mad Norwegian Press, for taking a chance on this collection in the first place. It was a huge leap of faith on their parts, for which we are eternally grateful.

Also, congratulations to our fellow nominees in the "Best Related Work" category:

Bearings: Reviews 1997-2001, by Gary K. Wolfe (Beccon)
The Business of Science Fiction: Two Insiders Discuss Writing and Publishing, by Mike Resnick and Barry N. Malzberg (McFarland)
Robert A. Heinlein: In Dialogue with His Century, Volume 1: (1907 – 1948): Learning Curve, by William H. Patterson, Jr. (Tor)
Writing Excuses, Season 4, by Brandon Sanderson, Jordan Sanderson, Howard Tayler, Dan Wells

I am now going to find the POOFIEST dress ever, for RENOvations shall be my Prom. I plan on dancing with everyone, and drinking a lot of spiked punch.
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when will you rise?

...and in blowing away the Wordpress database, somehow I lost the Zombie Apocalypse post. And I had unanswered comments there, and everything.

Sometimes a webchick cannot win for losing. :(

(I still maintain that if/when the zombie apocalpyse should occur, my odds of survival are slightly higher if I'm in a bunker with an Irwin, rather than a Newsie.)
Chicks Dig Time Lords (cover by Katy Shu

Chicks Dig Facebook

We’ve created a Fan Page for Chicks Dig Time Lords on Facebook, and are updating it with upcoming Chicks events. And pelase feel free to add your photos from the book launch at last week-end’s Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles! Or copies of you (or your loved ones) with the book.

Not on the Facebook? You can follow rarelylynne and myself here on El Jay to stay on top of all Chicks-related news as well! And we’re both also on Twitter as lynnemthomas and tara_oshea.

Originally posted at fringe element.
Chicks Dig Time Lords (cover by Katy Shu

Chicks Dig Facebook

We've created a Fan Page for Chicks Dig Time Lords on Facebook, and are updating it with upcoming Chicks events. And pelase feel free to add your photos from the book launch at last week-end's Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles! Or copies of you (or your loved ones) with the book.

Not on the Facebook? You can follow rarelylynne and myself here on El Jay to stay on top of all Chicks-related news as well! And we're both also on Twitter as lynnemthomas and tara_oshea.